Monday, October 15, 2007

Funny and then some...

This past weekend, I saw Sinbad. I bought the tickets because I grew up watching A Different World, but I went to the show not knowing what to expect. I think that, like most things in life, going into a situation with no expectations leaves you more open minded and ready to enjoy. The show was awesome and so funny.

Horace Sanders opened for Sinbad. This guy was absolutely hysterical and really knew how to play up to the crowd and get people's attention. His jokes were original and fresh, and he was just adorable on stage. I found it interesting because he got his start on Star Search, and I didn't even realize that the show is still on. Makes me curious to find out when it's on. You can watch some videos of his stand up on the website.

Sinbad was just beyond funny. You could tell that when he walked out on that stage, he was happy to be there and having such a good time. His jokes were honest, real, and hysterical. He did not come out on the stage with a list of old, overdone jokes, and he talked to the audience and played off of their liveliness. It felt like having an excellent conversation with one of the funniest people you've ever met. I give him a lot of credit because in a time when everything is so scripted and overproduced (think reality tv shows that are beyond scripted), it was nice to watch someone with talent go out on the stage, trust themselves, tell the truth, make people laugh, and just entertain.

It was a fantastic, full show and I highly recommend that if anyone gets the chance, they catch his act. It's been awhile since I've laughed so hard that I've lost my voice. It was a truly enjoyable night.
God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.

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Shell said...

I came across your website by accident. Well not really by accident but I clicked on the "Better Off Dead" link in my blog and up you came as the first entry.

After reading some of your blog and looking at your website I just thought I would tell you that you come across as an amazing person. Your writing is very powerful.