Saturday, May 10, 2008

Apparently Sappy

I watched Bella earlier this week. It really struck me because it showed just how good people can be. Most days, we only hear about how horrible people are or how tragedy ruined someone, but this movie gave it quite the spin. It was emotional, but honestly emotional. I hate to give too much away, so I would just suggest checking it out.

Have I ever mentioned how much I value honesty?

I also rewatched P.S. I Love You last night. It's the same way in that it was honest and emotional. I don't think that someone you love has to die to feel that kind of sadness from their loss. Anyway, I was happy because I got to go to bed with Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr., James Marsters, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the brain. Hilary Swank, you were one lucky lady.

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