Friday, May 9, 2008

I already know I'm lazy...

I every intention to write when things are happening, but I don't. Oh well. Last week, I saw both Sheryl Crow and B.B. King in concert; it was quite the week.

First of all, Crow's new album is fun and thoughtful. It’s a very nice combination and great for a concert . She absolutely rocked live. I love it when an artist isn't afraid to play all of their hits. However, the drums were turned up so loud that you could barely hear her talking. I noticed that she has some weird fans. For example, I got stuck sitting next to a guy who I can only describe as smelling like a dirty hamster cage. He spent the majority of the evening mindlessly staring with no reaction to the concert. I have a feeling that he writes a lot of letters.

Seeing B.B. King was also quite the experience. Just hearing him play guitar gave me goose bumps. He was emotional and so full of life. He has some of the best fans that I've seen. One of my favorite things was watching him tell a story; when he said something anywhere near naughty, he'd laugh and bury his face in his hands.

BK Jackson opened for King. He was an energetic, talented sax player. He put on the best show.

And after recent conversations at work about band instruments, I have learned that the sax is the coolest of cool instruments. Although no one can beat Rob Lowe's sax playing in St. Elmo's Fire:

That clip even includes the most annoying line ever delivered in a movie - "Oh Billy!"

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