Saturday, September 6, 2008

Checking In...

Well, of all the things I've learned in life, the one that I should know the best is that it's not a good idea to go around professing the perfect and happy state of life that you are living because something not quite so perfect or happy is bound to happen. Long story short, the last couple months have been a little crazy for me (tore a muscle in my back, had to quit ballet, Zander got really sick, etc.), but I have definitely come out better on the other side of it all.

Lots of fun and exciting things have been going on, and next week is kind of the jumping off place for things to go into motion.

First, I had a realization that I've always been very apprehensive about sharing my political beliefs, and while I'm still trying to be careful about what I say to certain people, I am finding a confidence in my beliefs. I've been doing volunteer work for the local Democrats and have a ticket to see Hillary Clinton speak on Monday night. I mean, politics aside, it's pretty amazing that I'm get to listen to her speak. She's an amazing, intelligent woman, and it's a great opportunity. When I was first going college, my initial goal was to become a political speech writer (weird that I had issues sharing my beliefs, I know), so it's been exciting listening to all the speeches and seeing how they really do affect people. I am really, really hoping that I'll also be able to see Barack Obama the next time he comes to the Tampa area.

Then on Tuesday, I'm starting my first class in a Photography certification course. When I was in high school, I was so into working in my darkroom, but when I got to college I lost it when I got so engrossed in writing and workshopping. It's wonderful to be thinking about it again. I even splurged and bought myself a shiny, fancy Mac Book Pro.

I also just finished my first week of The Artist Way, which is a guidebook for finding your creative spirit. I cheated a bit and extended the first week into two because my vacation fell in the middle. Waking up early for the morning pages has been a little hellish, but I understand why they are important. Nothing too creative has come about yet, but I should make it past the first week before I make too many judgments.

Later in the week, I have tickets to see Chris Isaak and Lisa Loeb. Seeing Isaak is one of my favorite annual events. I went to the 80's Regeneration tour last week, which was lots of fun. I about dropped from exhaustion while dancing to A Flock of Seagulls.

It’s not too far until Halloween , which means costumes, candy corn, and pumpkins. This is my absolute favorite time of the year.

To top it all off, I figured out how to rip Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes to my iPod. Now, I can carry hours of amusement and Xanderisms in my pocket.

I do not babble. I occasionally run on, every now and then I yammer.

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