Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sometimes I get nervous when I see an open door...

As if you needed another reason to love The Killers (ahem, especially Brandon Flowers), I thought I would just randomly post these lyrics in hopes that I can finally get them out of my head.
pay my respects to grace and virtue
send my condolences to good
give my regards to soul and romance
they always did the best they could
and so long to devotion,
you taught me everything I know
wave good bye, wish me well

It's not going to work. Those lyrics are never going to leave my brain until I go back and listen to Don't Dance Rattlesnake by the Films. Sadly all that will do will make me sing Beltloops ("She's like a devil in a dark shade of lipstick, an unassuming sort of x-rated misfit..."). Aie. I blame the Killers for writing beautiful lyrics and great music that feels like home in my brain.

And you're very welcome for the weirdo post on this fine Wednesday evening. And in case anyone was wondering, I was just watching Bones and there's no way that guy from Roswell would ever pass as any sort of genetic equivalent to David Boreanaz. Just saying.

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