Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Invention of Sugha Dust

Just cause I think I am funny and am a major music geek (...err just geek really, but whatever), I've set up a new blog so I can write about and post the music that I'm currently listening to. Music is my longest enduring obsession.

About a month or so ago, my friend Dale convinced me if I didn't buy Beatles Rock Band, my life was going to come crashing in all around me. How could I say no? I had already been toying with the idea because I love the Beatles and secretly have always wished that I learned to play drums. Within two minutes of finding the microphone, I forgot about the drums and have been singing my heart out ever since. I am a lifelong car singer, but now I have a way to amplify the sound from my television while having a cartoon grading system tell me I'm a rock star (well, duh.). My collection has since expanded to include all the Rock Band games, Band Hero, and Karaoke Revolution.

I know the music is important, but the most important part for any band (especially fake video game ones) is the name. One fateful day in a team meeting at work, we were all going sugar high on a big bag of Smarties and completely spazzing out. I laughed about something, and a puff of chalky sugar dust came out of my mouth. ; the name was born. My teammates gave the best part of it. They said it needed to be Sugha to make it a little more hardcore.

So now, I've created this blog, a twitter account, a bunch of playlists, and a facebook fan page. I'm all kinds of tech savy... I think. Mostly it just gives me an excuse to yammer on about music forever.

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