Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best Part...

I hate to admit it, but I am a little into the whole Twilight thing. I get that it's completely ridiculous, but that makes me love it that much more. The first movie was horrible, so the best part about the new movie all the snarky movie reviews condemning it. I love how witty the critics get in their review. Here are some of my favorite quotes:
“Even vampires, it seems, don't fancy long-distance relationships.”

“…think before you leap -- and love a vampire.”

“Being in love with the undead can be a grim undertaking.”

“Here is an emotionally tortured vampire. Here is a perky, friendly vampire. And don't forget the vampire who is a dedicated physician. “

“Meanwhile, every so often - but never more than two or three times per minute - one of the characters makes a point of telling the perfectly nice, perfectly average teenage protagonist that she is the greatest thing on earth. Sometimes it's Dad who tells her. Sometimes it's an enemy, who still recognizes our heroine's amazing power. Most of the time, it's some ridiculously handsome teenage boy . . . And each time that happens, five hundred girls in the audience scream.”

“First-kiss anxiety looms great in this film.”

“She's miserable, and what's worse, once you date a vampire, it's apparently like joining the Mafia. They don't just let you quit. “

“Where would Hollywood be without that old standby, the vampire-werewolf-schoolgirl love triangle?”

“Most important, not just one, but two supernatural hunks snarling over the quivering carcass of a breathless, doe-eyed young woman.”

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