Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and a little Flowers!

For this new year and new decade, my resolution is to post my favorite song from each week. I figure that by the end of the year, I'll have a great playlist (2010 Playlist on that will remind me of 2010. It is fun to look back at my old mixes because my song selections always seem to go with how I'm feeling and what's going on at the time. The soundtrack of my life, 2010 edition.

In no way do I claim to be any sort of music expert and am just including songs that I love. Oh and because this is my game, don't be surprised if I change, bend, or completely break the rules. More than likely I'll have weeks where I can't pick just one song. I like options. I will also include a link for downloading the song from AmazonMP3 because it rocks that hard and I might end up with a quarter of a penny in 3 months if you buy it from my link.

My first pick is "Everything Will Be Alright" by The Killers. Mostly I picked this song because I think it is super sexy and it reminds me of an especially adorable guy that I am being a total smarmy, dreamy dream girlie about. The Killers are also one of my favorite bands and Brandon Flowers, well don't even get me started. Just enjoy the song.

But then you took me by surprise
I'm dreaming bout those dreamy eyes
I never knew, I never knew...

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