Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going to Ecuador for Stephin Merritt

My pick for this week is The Magnetic Fields' You Must Be Out of Your Mind. The Magnetic Fields are one of Stephin Merritt's brain trusts (also see The Gothic Archies, The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes.) and just some kick ass music. His music is always intelligent and witty with fantastic lyrics.

"You can't go 'round just saying stuff
Because it's pretty  
And I no longer drink enough  
To think you're witty..."

For added interest, I also added my current favorite song from 69 Love Songs. I can never get enough of intelligent, snarky lyrics.

"I'm a hopeless romantic
You're a terrible flirt 
Cool and unfazed, 
you're always amazed 
when someone gets hurt..."

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