Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting lost in a beautiful song...

The song that I really wanted to share this week is Nicole Atkin's cover of Inside of Love, but I can't find any videos of it. You can however check out the track on And here's the original version by Nada Surf:

"I wanna know what it's like on the inside of love
I can't find my way in, I try again and again"
I saw Nicole Atkins open for Chris Isaak a few years ago and I remember being completely amazed at the beauty of her voice. Actually, in my inebriated state, I think that I actually told her that when she was signing my CD. I know, I'm just all that kind of cool creepy. *sigh*

All of her tunes have a beautiful, fairy tale kind of sound, and it is stuff that I want to listen to over and over again. My favorites are the Bleeding Diamonds EP and Nicole Atkins Digs Other People's Songs, which includes Inside of Love and a great cover of Under the Milky Way. I'm such a sucker for an awesome cover.

"I cracked when I tried to press my luck, hoping you'd come pick me up, but my heart is war torn..."

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