Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I believe...

... if everyone else loved music as much as I do, that music really could save the world. People are really only ever emotionally honest these days when it's neatly put into a song. I'll forever worship at the emotional houses of The Beatles, The Killers, The Cure, The Smiths, Amos Lee, The Films, and Paul Simon.

... making anything purple instantly ups its Annie value and makes it about 400 times cooler. Currently, I love my retro 40's purple suede heels and the purple pens, that were gifted to me by a handsome stranger.

... people watching is the best past time in the world. It is even better when you can sit outside on a sunny day and watch the effect that good weather has on the natives.

... singing like a total, crazed maniac in the car saves me from road rage, life rage, and general unhappiness. Make that singing like a total, crazed maniac in the car, while playing Rock Band, or anywhere else where the power of the lyrics takes hold of me. So basically, don't judge my ostentatious car dancing.

... while I'm not materialistic, I believe that a cool outfit can change my entire outlook on a day. I love funky, crazy clothing and accessories that make people glance twice. Today is all about leopard tights and a long purple sweater.

... everyone deserves hoopla on their birthday. (Hint, hint. Mines only a few weeks away.)

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