Saturday, October 23, 2010

Songs I Loved in the 90's

I still haven't been listening to anything new lately. Tumultuous times in my life mean that I need some old music with fantastic memories. These are songs from my early high school years when grunge was over and everyone was all about Clueless, baby doll tees, and emotional alternative rock.

Gin Blossoms - Till I Hear It From You

I've always loved listening to the Gin Blossoms, but this song has even more meaning to me because it was the main track from the Empire Records soundtrack. When the movie came out on video (yes, VHS and that's how I know that I'm getting old), I had a group of friends and we would watch it over and over again. Each one of us was like one of the characters in the movie. I was Corey. Apparently, I was destined to try to seduce aged rock stars. It's Rex Manning day!


The Wallflowers - One Headlight

Umm, Jakob Dylan, will you marry me? Yes, even at 30 the offer stands. I saw the Wallflowers in concert a few different times, and Jakob was most definitely my biggest adolescent crush on a rock star. I mean come on he's a Dylan (aka son of Bob Dylan) and that alone makes him super awesome in my book. He also wrote some pretty sweet tunes (and still is, his newest solo album is really good). Plus, nothing takes me back to being 17 more than this song.


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