Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Songs that were shuffled in... (Billy Idol, Julius Airwave, & The Shins)

Ahhh, it is so close to vacation. Granted it’s just a long weekend, but four glorious days of hanging around my house watching woman’s pron (e.g. HGTV - Wanna know what really turns women on? Watching sweaty men in tight shirts expertly fix home improvement disasters like a Superman), painting, and practicing my guitar. What can I say? I’m a simple girl, and I enjoy the little luxuries of a lovely staycation.

I have been so focused on my music lessons that I haven’t spent a ton of time listening to music. My picks this week are more about what I’m learning and what my lovely little iPod keeps insisting on playing.
Billy Idol – White Wedding

My absolute, most favorite guilty pleasure is and has always been Billy Idol. I grew up in a time when he ruled MTV. Rebel Yell always sounded like perfection to me, and I loved singing more more more along with him. It has led to more car dancing that I care to admit. I’m currently teaching myself how to play this song. I can’t listen to it without wanting to totally rock out and own it.

Julius Airwave – Nannerl

I can’t remember how I came across this band, but for a good two years I would listen to this album on a daily basis at work. There’s a perfection to the songs. They fit a specific moment in my life. Any time my iPod wants to throw me for a loop, it will shuffle this particular song in. Mess me up. You mess me up all day and I love it...

The Shins – Girl Sailor

The Shins fall into the same category as Julius Airwave. For a segment of my life, I listened to them non-stop and worshipped the sound of their music. Every time Turn On Me comes one, I still have to exclaim to myself just how much I love it. Today alone, I think that Girl Sailor has shuffled like 3 times (out of the 6500 songs on my iPod!). Who am I to judge the fates if they’re trying to tell me something?

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