Monday, August 15, 2011

Songs about Mondays... (Pulp, Belle & Sebastian)

And now you’re back here at Monday so we can do it all over again… I know that it’s cliché to complain about Mondays, so I decided to pick a couple of songs that would do it for me.

Pulp – Monday Morning

This is one of those dangerous songs that gets me all amped up. I can’t listen to it anymore when I’m driving. It has a revved up sound, and I love to scream out the lyrics. This is especially true on Monday mornings. Judging by the number of times I have been caught car dancing and working those magical lyrics with Jarvis, I guess I feel this way about most Pulp songs.

Belle & Sebastian – Expectations

Sometimes I wish that I didn’t enjoy Belle & Sebastian quite so much. There are far too many annoyingly pretentious snobs that like to quote and talk about them like a secret society. The truth is that they are pretty awesome, and I do love this song.

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