Monday, August 1, 2011

Songs that are beautiful... (Remy Zero, The Cure, & Mr Mister)

Lately, I have been into music that sounds and feels beautiful. It is amazing how a piece of music can communicate something between people that can’t be communicated with words. There is feeling and a life to music that is near impossible to describe. Maybe it’s our miracle. It is a secret way to communicate our feelings to each other.
Remy Zero – Fair

When this song came on in the car on the way to work, I was struck by how beautiful and disarming it is. I’ve listened to it plenty of times during my obsession with the Garden State soundtrack, but now I’ve really heard it and feel how special it is.

The Cure – Treasure

There is something magically awesome about The Cure. They are known as being dark and gothic, but I hear beautiful, emotional odes to love and feelings. Sometimes they are sad, like this song, but they are always filled with such lyrical imagery and interesting music that it feels like getting lost in a land of make believe. In my world, The Cure writes my bedtime stories.

Mr Mister – Broken Wings

I like to think of this as my first favorite song. It wasn’t. The Annie soundtrack, Michael Jackson, and the Violent Femmes all predated this musical obsession.

This song is cheesy and time stamped, yet it is still kind of awesome. It holds a special memory for me. I’d wait for it to air on MTV. These days, everything we want to see or hear is a few clicks away on our computers. I like to remember a time when my patience was rewarded with getting to hear my favorite song.

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