Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something beautiful and something trashy that you can dance to (Pearl Jam & Madonna)

I have been a slacker lately. I had the flu/cold/mystery illness that was pretty much making me hate life, so I spent a lot of time taking naps on the couch and watching ridiculous amounts of stuff on Netflix. First, I was catching up on the first two seasons of Warehouse 13 (gee, I really love that Pete Lattimer) and then I moved on to the BBC version of Being Human (Mitchell is my favorite vampire character ever). 

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe

I’ve listened to this song at least 20 times today. There is always such a range of emotions and elements in Pearl Jam songs, but this one strikes me as especially emotionally vulnerable and powerful. It’s almost like a lullaby. It is so beautiful that you can just sort of lose yourself in it.

Madonna – Into the Groove

This year for the Halloween work party, I decided to be Madonna (Susan) from Desperately Seeking Susan. I have absolutely adored this movie (and Who’s That Girl) since I was very, very young and have always wanted an excuse to recreate that awesome jacket. Anyway, to get into the Madonna frame of mind, I’ve been listening to a lot of her tunes. This one in particular is from the movie. It so captures that time and the feeling of it all. What I’ve found is that being in costume is fun, and I fear that I’ve gotten far too attached to the big hair and excessive amount of accessories.

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