Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Soundtrack for Rain and Writing (Justin Townes Earle)

It has been a weird week. There have been non-stop thunderstorms; every half an hour or so, the rain falls in fitful bursts so heavy that it sounds like mini floods. The regular rain portions have been relaxing, which is good because I've had a ton of designing and writing to do for work. It is a situation that makes me want to hook up to my iPod and zone out from the world. Zoning out to music while I work is one of the things I’ve always loved about being a writer. I'm really enjoying it this week because it is a luxury that I have't had too often lately.

Normally, when I get a music day, I just shuffle and enjoy a random music mix. It is fun when bizarre combinations are mixed together and sound amazing. However, I recently realized how many new albums I’ve bought and haven’t listened all the way through to yet. I believe that albums should be designed and listened to as a whole, so I promised myself to only listen to albums this week.

I started with Justin Townes Earle’s newest  Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now. I love the entire album because it is a unique combination of sexy yet sad honesty and vulnerability.

Specifically, I’ve gotten trapped in a crazy repeat cycle with  Look the Other Way. While I enjoy the music because it makes me want to dance, there is something more, something beautiful, emotionally raw, and desperate about it. His voice haunts and unsettles me. It attaches and rubs at some feeling inside of me that makes me hate to let it go. So, basically, it has been on repeat for the last two days. I’m kind of in love with this song.


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