Friday, March 5, 2010

"Courage laced with alcohol"

I first heard Blind Pilot from one of those free Starbucks downloads. Every time it played, I’d turn on my iPod to see what it was and make a note that I wanted the full album. A few days ago, a fellow music junkie at work gifted me some new music to try and 3 Rounds and a Sound was in there. I’ve had a really hard time listening to anything else now that I’ve heard it. Their sound is so beautiful and melodic ,and they have some seriously fantastic lyrics that are poetic and emotional .

With every listen of Oviedo, I click my handy little Love button and feel like professing to everyone how much I really do love this song.

“Four times is once too much for love
That's how many times the clock struck
I wandered home, saying your name”

One is never enough. I have such a thing for awesome covers, so check out Look At Miss Ohio:

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