Monday, April 26, 2010

Heard It All Before

I blame Glee. Why is that show so freaking good and why did they have to feature Madonna? All weekend, I was on such a Madonna kick and have listened to Confessions on a Dance Floor on repeat. Good times.

It takes me back to the late 80’s when I would take my cassette tape copy of Like a Virgin (I was like 7, I totally didn’t understand what it was about!) and my mini boombox and would dance and sing on top of the air conditioning units behind our apartment. Now I want to watch Desperately Seeking Susan and get all swoony over Aidan Quinn.

Anyway, here are two fun songs, which are great for singing and dancing along to.

Hung Up: I love the Abba sampling at the beginning of this song. It gets me every time.

“Every little thing that you say or do
I'm hung up
I'm hung up on you
Waiting for your call
baby night and day
I'm fed up
I'm tired of waiting on you”
Sorry: Couldn’t embed this video, but this song is seriously kick ass.
“I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
Please don't say 'forgive me'
I've seen it all before
And I can't take it anymore”

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