Sunday, March 27, 2011

Songs for philosophizing... (The Avett Brothers & Langhorne Slim)

Friday night, I was lucky enough to have a ticket to The Avett Brothers show at Ruth Eckerd Hall. It was one of those perfect nights filled with great music. I went to the show alone. Sometimes it's a little scary to do things alone, but what I've noticed is that when I'm alone, I'm so much more aware of everything that is going on around me, which makes me feel like I experience things more fully.
Langhorne Slim - Restless

One of the best things that can happen at a concert is when the opening act is someone new that you haven't heard of before and they just knock you out. Langhorne Slim was the epitome of that. His stage presence was energetic (he jumped out into the seats and played while walking across the back of the seats), soulful (he's a storyteller in the truest Bob Dylan/Paul Simon sense of the word... aware of people and feelings and beautiful moments), and intelligent. His voice gave me chills. One song in and I was completely sold. 

After his set, I went to the merch booth to buy albums. He was there, signing autographs and taking photos with everyone. The most surprising part was that he had such a crazy stage presence, yet back with his fans he was so soft-spoken, humble, and unbelievably sweet to everyone. He was a very cool dude. I (along with everyone else) totally have a giddy little crush on him now.

And just cause I'm stuck in ninth grade mentality where a photo makes me so silly happy, I have to share this.

The Avett Brothers - Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise

I know that I've written about The Avett Brothers many times already this year, but when people say that you need to see them live to fully understand their impact, they are not joking. First of all, their music is amazing to me because there is a deep, soulful intelligence and maturity in what they sing. The songs are about love, family, and soul searching. They are honest, emotional, and real. They have a knack for capturing these beautiful moments of questioning vulnerability. Sitting in that hall, there was such an overwhelming sense of love and connection. It made me feel hopeful for humanity. It was an amazing moment. And this is a really beautiful song.

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