Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Songs for endings...(The Avett Brothers, Brandi Carlile, The Like, & Glen Phillips)

While normally, I would fill this introduction by whining or waxing on about my personal life, I think that I’ll skip the drama this week. I'm just over feeling bad and being down about things.

The Avett Brothers - The Perfect Space

In case you missed the 101 and times that I've mentioned it, I'm so excited to see The Avett Brothers this weekend. Serious hardcore awesomeness. I'll admit that it took me a few listens to really get into these guys, but once that first song hit me, every song after it sounded more and more amazing. The lyrics on this song in particular just blow my flippin' mind. 

I want to have friends that I can trust. That love me for the man I have become not the man that I was...

Brandi Carlile - Hiding My Heart

Can I just leave this one with an ohh and ahhh of awesomeness and let it be enough of a description?

I wish that I could lay down beside you when the day is done, wake up to your face against the morning sun. But like everything I've ever known, you'll disappear one day, so I'll spend my whole life hiding my heart away.

The Like - Wishing He Was Dead

The Like have such a great kickback sound to those awesome girl groups from the early 60's, yet they add some rockin' and a some snarky humor. And really, what girl doesn't need a little angry girlie music now and then.

Glen Phillips - Didn't Think You Cared

What really makes me sad here is that I can't find a copy of this song to share (I think that I've tried this a few times before) and the song is just absolutely amazing. Why oh why isn't someone just dying to post this song? Anyway, it is on Mr. Lemons, which is also jammed packed with amazing songs (including Everything But You and Blindsight). I highly suggest a listen. If you really want, call me and I'll put the phone up to the speakers so you can hear it.

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