Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Songs for avoiding society... (Old 97's, Have Gun, Will Travel, Sea Wolf, & The Black Keys)

Ok, so these aren't really songs about avoiding anything, but lately it feels easier to just hide out and watch the world from behind my lovely Ikea curtains. I'm questioning a lot of things. It's either extremely long overdue or completely indulgent, but I haven't really decided which one yet.

Anyway, the coolest thing going on is that I'm trying to teach myself to play guitar. Truth of the matter is that I'm getting tired of lazily strumming the thing and acting all pretentious and cool, so it might be time to hire a teacher and reallly learn something.
Old 97's - Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)

For my birthday, I got to see Old 97's live. It was a seriously fun and rocking show. They are such an energetic, amazing live band. I saw them 10 years ago for the first time. They were opening for Chris Isaak. I left that show and completely in love with them, and I've been a fan ever since. Rhett is just so ohhhh super dreamy, and this song is really fun.

Have Gun, Will Travel - Come, All Ye Sinners

Have Gun, Will Travel opened for the Old 97's. I was kind of blown away and also really excited to find that they are a local band (really looking forward to seeing them again). Bought a couple of albums and was equally impressed. This is just music that makes you groove and feel good.

Sea Wolf - The Violent Hour

I will admit that I know of this song and the band because of the New Moon soundtrack and then I will hang my head in shame for a few seconds. With that said, this song is kind of amazing and lyrics are like sweet honey.

The Black Keys - Never Gonna Give You Up

Seriously, who doesn't love The Black Keys these days? I would be snarky about it, but they are seriously badass and deserve the hype. This is one of those covers that reminds me of exactly why I love covers so much.

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