Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Holiday Movie Marathon (My Top Ten Christmas Movies)

Holiday movies and Christmas specials make the holidays for me. Since I was kid, I've always had my favorites that I looked forward to watching on TV. These are the top ten holiday movies that I'm looking forward to for 2011.
 10. Home Alone

John Hughes was a writing genius. In Home Alone, Kevin McAllister accidently gets left home alone when his family goes on Christmas vacation. Granted, the movie has always gotten a bad rap for being unbelievable and a little too cutsie, but all these years later, I find it a fun escape. Plus, I love all the Christmas movies set in Chicago because it reminds me of suburb of Columbus where I grew up and it gives me a lovely sense of nostalgia.

9. Bridget Jones's Diary

This is not exactly a Christmas movie, but it is true that the holiday season tends to make all of us singletons question our previous year of choices. It's a self-reflection that is brought on by all the houses wrapped in Christmas lights. I adore Bridget, and the movie always a great laugh. Plus, I love Hugh Grant as the dirty-talking bad boy.
8.  Home for the Holidays

Again, not exactly a Christmas movie, but it is set in the holiday timeframe (Thanksgiving). I’m not exactly sure where it is set, but it reminds me of home and my family. Imperfect, quirky, but still loving. RDJ (that’s Robert Downey Jr.) rocks my world in this movie, and I’m pretty sure that the turkey on the lap scene gets more funny every time I watch it.

7. Love Actually

The first time I saw this movie was Christmas 2003 with my Mom and sister Anissa, so anytime I watch it, I think of that day. It was a fun girls day, and this is a fun girls movie. It’s sweet, sappy, and sometimes completely bizarre. My favorite of the stories are the Prime Minister, Jamie writing in France, and the little drummer boy in love.

6. The Ref

Christmas and Denis Leary go together remarkably well. This one is about a couple of robbers taking a totally dysfunctional family hostage. It turns into some of the funniest dialog that I’ve heard in ages. It’s Kevin Spacey at his best, spouting off angry, snarky one-liners.

5. The Holiday

This is another chick flick, but it is a holiday essentials for me. I want Kate Winslet’s cottage on the snowy English countryside, and I totally support Jack Black as a sweet, leading man. Go figure. The movie makes you love the characters so much that you feel like you grow with them in the process. I can always dig that.

4. Scrooged

When I was a kid, I rented VHS tapes from Pharmor, and I would rent Scrooged over and over and over again. It didn’t matter that it was for Christmas because this movie is amazing and funny. Bill Murray is genius as Scrooge. I love the New York setting, and the awesome casting of the ghosts. Of all of the versions of A Christmas Carol, this one is definitely my favorite.

3. Elf

This movie is totally my oddball, weirdo sense of humor. Will Ferrell plays Elf so straight that it just makes every scene a pure classic to me. It’s crazy silly and just pure fun to watch, so it always takes a prominent place on my must watch list.

2. A Christmas Story

I had a hard time picking the number one spot because I love this movie so much. It was filmed in my home state of Ohio and reminds me of everything amazing about being a kid at Christmastime. TBS has done all of us a wonderful favor with 24 Hours of A Christmas Story. It is lovely to turn on the TV at any point of the day and just know that I can see one of the fabulous scenes from this movie. It’s hard to watch this movie and not be filled with all of the wonder and awesomeness of Christmas.
1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

I have loved this movie so consistently for so long that it had to be my number one pick. It is yet another of the John Hughes classics that remind me of Ohio and the silliness and love of my family. Chevy Chase is perfect – both hysterical and endearing. I love the family and want to spend time with them. It’s a disaster Christmas, but it’s also a loveable, fun disaster. Mostly, I would love to go sledding with them.

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