Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, Pickin', Joey Jeremiah, and Hulu

Welcome to 2012! I would love to be able to write that I used my vacation time doing something wonderful and life changing, but that really didn't happen. After the year that I've had, I was more than happy to kick back into some serious nada. I hung out with my family, contemplated buying a condo or a house (decided against it), played games on my iPad, shopped, and spent far too many hours watching television.

I  addicted to American Pickers. I love the idea of a show where you get to nosy around in other people's piles of junk. In high school, I would help my friends organize their rooms because I loved to organize anything. Honestly, I think it was also because I was nosy. I also love the idea of repurposing things.  Ironically, I immediately followed up my little marathon by going out and buying some new stuff. Yeah, me.

I have been waxing on for months about how I'm going to cancel my cable after the first of the year. I live in a neighborhood that is limited to one provider and my bill for basic is $100+ a month. It is expensive and since I got it, I've spent far too much time in front of the television.  I feel guilty if I don't watch everything that I dvr'd. So, over my break, I tried Hulu Plus.

Thanks to Hulu, I got completed obsessed with watching vintage Degrassi (amazingly awesome Canadian mellow drama about the trials of adolescence). I loved this show growing up. I would scour PBS every Sunday afternoon to catch episodes and swoon over Joey Jeremiah and giggle at their super-duper Canadian accents. It's been a fun watch.

I'm on the fence about Hulu Plus. I’m so used to Netflix and my DVR that the commercials feel excessive to me. I wish they had a more expensive option where you didn’t have to see them.

It makes me laugh at how the commercials are so inappropriately paired. During Degrassi, I saw ads for Invisalign Teen (that girl needs to be kicked for being a nasty snot), beer (Stella Artois and Budlight pitbull guy that makes me want to vomit), Pepto (to help deal with that awful Budlight pitbull guy), and home pregnancy tests. Just add a commercial about the best place for the under 16 set to get their boob jobs done and it is just like watching a MTV reality show.

As a side note, my dear Google, your Chrome commercial with the screaming southern girl and the idiot with the green nail polish makes me want to switch back to Internet Explorer.

Anyway, I'm not great at making resolutions. After 11 days off of work and sleeping until noon, I'm going to need all of my vices to make it through the first week back.

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