Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, and Hallelujah

The Head and The Heart’s Sounds Like Hallelujah makes me want to run away to Portland, meet a nice, pretentious, bearded hipster intellectual, and drive around in my Prius with him in a haze of sweet awesomness. His voice totally rocks my world and takes me to a serene, wonderful place. Score one up for The Head and The Heart. It has been playing on a loop all week in my head, and I never want it to go away.

And speaking of hallelujah, listen to Jeff Buckley being amazing. Is there anything in life that is more beautiful than Jeff Buckley singing this song? Just in case you were wondering, the answer is a stern no.

Oh, and here's Ryan Adam's take on hallelujah. He makes it kickin'. However, the original version is not on YouTube, so you'll have to settle for this slowed down live version. 

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