Monday, January 23, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 3 - 10

I'm 10 days into this challenge and having to pull from the creativity pool on a daily basis isn't always that easy. A couple of days, I really hated the prompts. One day, I just didn't feel like it. The good part is that I'm sticking with it. There is a great sense of pride in being able to flip through my journal and see the progress. While most of the drawings/paintings aren’t very beautiful, there is something beautiful about the sustained effort.

Day 3: Favorite Food

Avocados have been my favorite food for a really long time. Growing up, a special treat in my household was avocado slices and tomatoes with salt and pepper. It is still one of my favorite treats.

Day 4: Favorite Place

I have lots of favorite places, but one of the most interesting is Central Park. It is magical and fun. While walking in it, you can get lost and see celebrities, castles, and a whole slew of other things you would never imagine in New York City.

I drew this sketch from a photograph back in April of last year. I've always been very fond of it.

So, I painted it. It reminds me of  Holden Caulfield. Whenever, I'm in NYC, I think of Holden and the ducks. I love playing out that idea of adventure. However, I do try to skip that whole committed part at the end.

Day 5: Best Friend

I have a great family that I love and friends that I care about, but I don't really have a best friend. So, I decided to cheat and say the thing that is always there for me. This is pretty much the ugliest, most ridiculous portrayal of  music ever, but I'm posting it anyway. This would be my failure day. I tried to recreate the way that my vinyl looks on the shelves in the background. I sorta wish that I had just skipped everything else. *Shame*

Day 6:  Favorite Book Character (Can't be a movie)

This day was fun. I dug into the box of my books and came up with a few of my favorites.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are - I always read and enjoyed Maurice Sendak's books growing up. In college, I saw an art exhibit of his work and have been a true fan ever since.

There's No Such Thing as a Dragon was always one of my favorite books. Thanks to books, I want a pet monkey, a dragon, a trip to Hogwarts, and the title of Queen of All Wild Things.

Day 7: Favorite Word

I'm not sure that this is my favorite word, but it is my favorite Pulp song. Same difference really.

Day 8: Favorite Animated Character

Naaaaaaaarf. Hands down, Pinky is my favorite animated character. His laugh still doubles me over with the giggles.

Day 9: Favorite TV Show

Once Upon a Time isn't really my favorite TV show (It has been Buffy The Vampire Slayer since the first second I saw it in 1997), but I really enjoyed watching it over the weekend and was pretty (*spoiler alert*) heartbroken when they killed The Huntsman. So, I played around with a photo of him.

Day 10: Favorite Candy

I have had some serious Smarties induced sugar highs in my life. It is goooood.

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