Friday, January 13, 2012

Music for all the drama and chaos...

I know that Blue Monday (aka the most depressing day of the year) isn’t until January 23rd this year, but this week is giving it a real run for its money. Everything has been especially dramatic and chaotic, which probably really means that I’m the one who has been dramatic and chaotic.

I cried at my desk. It was just a couple of those big fat tears that stubbornly leak out when you’re super frustrated, but I haven’t done that in a very long time. I blame the following: the end of vacation, starting up a new exercise regime, suddenly eating healthy and taking my vitamins, big changes at work, and my normal malaise.

As always... Music saves. Music soothes. Music gives me perspective and balance. This week, music has been especially important to me. The following songs in particular.

The Head and The Heart - Down in the Valley

This song feels familiar and homey to me. His voice sounds like an old friend and it makes me nostalgic. Once I listen to the song, I repeat it about 50 times because I just can’t bear to stop listening.

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

Just about every station that I listen to on Sirius has been playing this song lately. During lunch, I listened to it on Alt Nation and then flipped over to Spectrum and listened again without any complaints. There is something mysterious yet emotionally close about this song. It sucks me in. However, the video is annoyingly pretentious... just close your eyes and listen.

Ryan Adams - Lucky Now

Ryan Adam's music is either absolutely amazing (La Cienega Just Smiled, Come Pick Me Up, Crazy About You, Nuclear, etc. ) or just sorta eh. The eh moments are great to put on the record player and let them go, but the amazing stuff just takes me over, consumes me, and rips at my heart. I guess that I should be thankful that it's not all amazing. Anyway, he pretty much always finds his way on to all of my mix tapes (aka playlists, but I like the sound of mix tapes better). This song is phenomenal. It is beautiful, emotional, and a little gritty. It is exactly what I love about Ryan Adams.

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