Sunday, February 5, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 17 - 23

Only seven more days to go! I was busy with other things this week and got a little lax in the drawing. The good news is that they still got done.
Day 17: Favorite Plant

I shouldn't admit this, but I did have to look up whether a tree was a plant or not. When I think of a plant, I think of green and leafy things on the ground. Trees are powerful, tall, and amazing. I love how in the winter, trees transform and hibernate. It is magical and amazing.

Day 18: Just a Doodle

I just doodled. I've always been a circle doodler. In school, I drew tons of circles in the corners of my pages until they looked like dragon skin. To this day, I still feel like I comprehend things better when I'm doodling.

Day 19: Something New

This is the most embarrassing one so far... a quick and dirty (and completely inaccurate) drawing of the purple straight leg chinos that I just got from Boden.

Day 20: Something Orange

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. In honor of them both, this is a jack'o'lantern.

Day 21: Something You Want

One of these days, I want to own a cool, funky little craftsman style home that I can decorate and make all mine. Dark grey with white trim. I can see it perfectly in my head.

Day 22: Something You Miss

Living in Florida, I really miss the change of the seasons. The seasons in Florida are something like chilly (for about 10 days in December and January), perfect and beautiful (end of February to about April), and then hot, hotter, and deathly hot (summer and fall). I really miss Fall and Winter, but I'm guessing all the warm weather is what makes me long for the chilly temps.

Day 23: Something You Need

I wasn't exactly sure how to draw this, but what I need more than anything lately is a quiet mind. It would be nice to have some relaxation and peace from all of my rambling thoughts. Growing up, when I had a bad day or needed some time alone, I went into the woods behind my house. I could walk on the paths, kick over dead trees, and take my dogs into the creek. It was always a perfect get away. I would love to find that in my adult life.

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