Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 24 - 30

I am extremely proud to say that I made it through the challenge. Thirty days can start to feel like a long time, but I am still extremely happy that I did this. It felt good to show up on the page every day and do something special for myself.

Day 24: A Couple

This is the day that I missed. It was a Monday. Monday's just suck, and I was trying to get myself to start practicing my guitar again.   

When I think of couples, I always think of that famous Robert Doisneau photograph Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville. Doisneau is one of my favorite photographers because he was so amazing at capturing the life and character of the people he photographed.

Day 25: Scenery

Driving to work, the air was a combination of fog, mist, and rain. It made the trees appear like they were melting into the gray sky. It was an absolutely beautiful morning.

Day 26: Something You Don't Like

I'm not sure that I hate anything as much as cockroaches. I know that it is irrational and they probably can't hurt me, but they still make my skin crawl. Even looking at a photo of one to draw this was giving me a serious case of the wiggins. Bleh.

Day 27: Someone You Love

Growing up, I lived next door to my grandparents. Each night, I'd sit with my Grandpa in his chair. He'd watch the news and we'd eat ice cream. I always loved strawberry because of the texture of the frozen berries. I'd fall asleep, and then he would carry me home to bed. It is one of my most special memories and I miss and love him very much. 

Day 28: Anything You'd Like

At first, I thought that this meant that I needed to draw something that I wanted. When I realized I could draw whatever I wanted, I felt stuck. In high school, I'd stay up all night on the weekends watching movies and drawing/painting. I remember watching some old surf movie the first time I drew this. Whenever I don't know what to draw, this is my go to doodle.

Day 29: A Place You Want To Go

My sister told me to check out that new show Alcatraz (I did, and it's good!), so I had San Francisco on my brain. Between earthquakes and the crazy cost of living, there are a million reasons why I shouldn't be interested in San Francisco, but whenever I read or see anything about it, I really want to go. Also, not related to my wanting to go, but San Francisco always makes me think of McTeague. What a jacked up, weirdo book.

Day 30: A Congrats Banner for Finishing the Challenge

Ok, so I was sort of cheap with my drawing today. I've been obsessed with reading the Little House on the Prairie books and I just wanted to get back to them. But anyway, yeah! I did finish. 

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