Friday, June 13, 2008

Moonlight Drive... I'll be, the Irish loud...

I’ve been more than a little reminiscent lately. Tonight, I was looking for a letter that a friend wrote me and came across journals that I had to write for a class in high school. I always thought that my teacher was so amazing because he respected everyone’s thoughts and opinions and worshipped Jim Morrison. I even remember him doing his Jim Morrison impersonation in class to make everyone laugh. I loved that an adult treated me that way and was interested in finding out the things that I cared about. For instance, I loved Oasis at the time (Forgive me; I was only 15.), so he let me bring in a CD and we listened to it in class. It’s funny to think about it now because I thought of him as an adult but he was probably only like 22 at the time.
While reading over my old journals, I saw one where I asked him if I was a Beatle which one would I be. He answered John Lennon. I don’t know why, but that really just struck me and made me happy. I see it as an amazing compliment.

It’s interesting to read things like that. I feel like such a different person now. I thought that I was so grown up then, but I was so hyper and silly. But then again, I do feel like exactly the same person. I love old mementos. I love to reminisce and be reminded of things long forgotten.

And from one of my favorite books (The American Night: The Writings of Jim Morrison - man did I ever include some interesting writing in the margins) from the time period:

"As I look back
over my life
I am struck by post
Ruined Snap shots
faded posters
Of a time, I can't recall..."

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