Sunday, June 15, 2008

The what?

I saw M. Night Shyamalan latest movie, The Happening, this weekend.

First of all, I am so sick of people mentioning the “dead people” move every time they talk about one of M.Night’s movies. I can don’t understand why people want to keep watching the same thing.

With that said, I have really enjoyed all of his movies. I am always happy to know when watching his films that the story will be original and character driven.

I thought that The Happening was well cast (loved Marky Mark and Zooey) and had an interesting premise. It really scared me. I feign to tell you that premise because I think it’s better to go in with an open mine. However, I won’t watch it again because it was entirely too graphic. People commit suicide in lots of different ways, and it feels WAY too real for me. There are some things in life that I am much happier to not think about. I still thought it was a well done movie and was happy to spend the time watching it. I would strongly suggest against allowing kids (there were a ton in the theatre!) or anyone even slightly prone to nightmares (me! Just look at my puffy eyes and ask me about my lawn mower dream.) to watch this.

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