Monday, June 16, 2008

Mopey Manchester Brilliance

I recently watched Control, which details the rise and eventual suicide of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis. The movie was sad, yet oddly engrossing. When it was over, it haunted me for days afterwards.

While watching it, I was mad and irritated with Curtis because he was so self-centered and indulgent. I don't know that I really feel any differently now. I spent a lot of time listening to his music and realized how talented he was. It was a moving film that gave me a little snapshot into a world that otherwise I would not know.

I also watched 24 Hour Party People, which is the odd fluttering story of Tony Wilson and the Manchester music scene. I was really glad to have some knowledge of the scene because if I hadn't, I would have been really lost. It was an odd sort of movie, but was interesting for learning more about Tony Wilson and seeing the The Ha├žienda in action. Speaking of which, when I was reading up after the film, I found the following clip of the Smith performing at The Ha├žienda:

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