Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How I Took Myself on Vacation.

I was really nervous about taking myself on vacation alone, but it made me more confident and trust that I can take care of myself.
How I did it: There wasn't any one thing that I did to make this happen, but I'm always wishing that I could travel and visit different places. I've always been scared to travel alone and have never been very good at asking other people to go do things. When I visited New York a few months back, I fell in love with the city. I wanted to be able to hang out there for a weekend doing whatever I wanted.
To feel safer, I did a lot of research about all the places I wanted to visit. I tried to make smart choices when travelling around the city (no subway at night, I'm way too Midwestern and I'd never be able to hide it!).

Lessons & tips: Just go for it. My brain was filled with reasons why I shouldn’t go and insecurities, but when you really want to do something, you deal with all of that.

Also, New York was a great choice. It was a city where it wasn't so obvious that I was travelling alone. I felt less self-conscious. I'm sure that if I went to some touristy place where everyone was in big groups, I would have felt weird. However, there's nothing quite like being able to do your vacation your own way.
Resources: For this one, I have to say that I just had to be brave and jump in. My family and friends were incredibly supportive and were there for me. The whole situation helped me to build confidence in myself.

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