Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fools and Playground Brawls

I’m annoyed at just how slack I have been about writing about my music picks each week. I never have an issue picking out the songs but finding the time is sometimes near impossible – even to write a few, silly lines about my song picks. Ahhhh life.

Lawrence ArabiaLook Like a Fool

Two weeks later and I’m still enjoying Lawrence Arabia. The first few lines of this song crack me up and make me remember a few times when I wanted something so bad that I was more than willing to play the fool.

I’m going to try to see her tonight, even though I am going to look like a fool. Because I’m gonna drink until the reasons it seems like a bad idea all crawl off and they disappear into a cave.

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

All of the hype around Brothers made me want to steer clear of The Black Keys, but something made me really curious about them and I finally gave in and listened. I kind of love them, which is just the irony I need to bring me back to reality and out of my delusion of music snobbery. The Black Keys are pretty badass. I love that their sound is a bit of a kickback to the 60’s with a funkier twist. The video for this song alone was enough to sell me on the band. Nothing is better than a love affair with a playground brawl and donuts.

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