Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Songs for my overly emotional heart... (Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Cary Brothers, & Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs)

I fear that my heart has gone a bit bipolar on me lately. It's what happens when someone new and special comes along. Today is uncontrollable smiling after remembering something about him. Tomorrow, I'll feel all off kilter from feeling good (yet vulnerable) and then the defenses are raised. As much as I complain and say that I hope that I can figure out how to deal with all of this one of these days, I don't really mean it. Sometimes, it just feels good to be facing an unknown with hopeful happiness and have no idea what it means or where it is going. *Sigh* Anyway, here’s this week’s picks. The good news is that when I’m so overemotional, every flippin’ song sounds so damn amazing.

Maroon 5 - Give a Little More

What I truly love about this song is that it's all crazy emotional, yet you can still dance to it.

I'm waiting for something, always waiting. Feeling nothing, wondering if it will ever change. Then I give a little more, oh babe...

Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You

Considering the contents of this song, it is much more catchy and upbeat than I would have guessed, but then again, I think that's why I kinda dig it. It gets stuck in my head and I sing that chorus for hours afterwards.

I've got a thick tongue, brimming with the words that go unsung. Simmer then burn for a someone, a wrong one.

Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes

This song always hits me in my gut. It's one of those songs that I crank up in the car and sing along to it like I'm Aretha flippin' Franklin diva awesome.

But you don't know, you don't know the greatness you are...

Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs - Are We Really Through

I know that I'm supposed to be writing and everything, but nothing I can come up with can really explain just how much this song always hits me like a train. So sad and so beautiful.

Is that sun ever gonna break? Break on through the clouds, shine down in all it's glory onto me?

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