Tuesday, May 11, 2010

George and John in the Big Apple

While I visited New York last month, I saw some pretty awesome Beatles memorabilia and cool John Lennon places. Being the crazy little Beatles freak that I am, I went a little photo crazy.

Hard Rock New York in Times Square - Beatles suits with their TWA travel bags. Not that you can really tell, but I'm standing in front of George Harrison's suit and bag.  It is so sad how excited I was to be this close to Beatles suits.

Hard Rock New York in Times Square - One of George Harrison's guitars. I am so exhausted at this point and we ended up waiting well over an hour to get in to eat. Even all of the Beatles memorabilia didn't quell my food deprived grouchiness.  
Hard Rock New York in Time Square - A handwritten John Lennon poem hung on the wall. 

Hard Rock New York in Times Square - We were seated at the bar right next to this beautiful sight. I still wish that I could have smuggled this and the giant poster of Pete Townshend home with me.

Me at Strawberry Fields in Central Park with all of the other lovely hippies. It is such a beautiful memorial to John Lennon. New York really does things right.

More of me at the Imagine memorial in Strawberry Fields. It was a cool place to be and nice to see how respectful and yet excited people were to be there. I would love to go back for one of the many John Lennon tributes.
A view of the Dakota from across the street in Central Park. It is such a beautiful, yet creepy building. 
After reading and hearing so much about the death of John Lennon, it was so emotional to be standing at the entrance to the Dakota. 

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