Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Burn Another Bridge, Break Another Heart

It has been a super crazy few weeks. Life these days is making me feel like I’m in a crazy sideshow acts. I spin a bunch of oblong, lumpy plates on stirrer straws while someone kicks me from under the table. Then, the audience hecks me. So super awesome that it’s not really awesome at all.

Maroon 5 – Infatuation

Say it together now… Oh NO! Not another Adam Levine kick. And yes, it’s true. I’ve been Maroon 5 crazy since the new single came out.

“Get so hot, I forget to breathe, yeah…”

Neon Trees – 1983

I hesitated with this choice because that Neon Trees guy has a really annoying haircut. Then again I was impressed that there’s a girl drummer and that’s always pretty badass.

“Would you trade me out for someone cool?”

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