Friday, July 30, 2010

New Zealand Unite!

It has been a whirlwind of a few days. Wednesday night I saw Crowded House and both of my picks are from that show. Something old. Something new. Both equally awesome. Enjoy.

Crowded HouseFall at Your Feet

I can vividly remember being about seven and waiting impatiently for MTV to play the Something So Strong video. I always had such a crush on Paul Hester. My tastes have evolved a bit, and Fall at Your Feet is definitely a song for my ultimate mix tape. Neil Finn has the most beautiful voice and fantastically moving lyrics. In the sing along part of this song in the show, one of the band members actually turned around and looked at me to figure out who was singing so loud. Give me a break; I love this song!

Lawrence ArabiaThe Beautiful Young Crew

Lawrence Arabia opened for Crowded House. My first though was ugh stupid hipsters with their funky beards. But then there was beautiful singing. The tunes were interesting. I even saw a trumpet and a lemon shaped maracas.

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