Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cameron Crowe, PJ20, and a look back at my adolescence...

I was finally able to watch Pearl Jam 20 and I lurvey, lovey, loved it. Granted, I was raised on healthy doses of Fast Times, Say Anything and Singles, so Mr. Crowe had me from hello.  I know, bad joke. Sincerely though, I am forever influenced by his work. I dig how he sees the world. I am forever changed by the lovely perfection of Llloyd Dobler and my never ending adolescent fantasies that if I could just get to Seattle I could live in the same apartment building as Eddie Vedder (hint, hint, wink, wink... if you know what I mean). 

So, on the completely awesome note, a big  thank you to PBS for airing Pearl Jam 20 (Any chance that you’ll be showing Living in The Material World anytime soon? Please, please please? I need to know the intimate details about George Harrison!).  It was two hours of history, great music, and a bit of a step back into my younger “grunge” years.  I was definitely singing along and I won't deny that I tried to recreate a bit of my slam dancing days. Did head banging always make me that dizzy or am I just getting that old?

In 1993, I was 13, and every inch of my bedroom walls was covered with photos and posters of Pearl Jam. I would buy Rolling Stone, Spin, and those old rocker magazines with the pullout posters and carefully save any photos that I could find.  Ironically, I'm pretty sure that Vedder wore the exact same brown shirt for all of 1992 and 1993. Good music was a serious way of life those days. Ok, so it still is. The fun part about the documentary is that it was an amazing way to see what life was like for them and get to see the progression of how they have continued to evolve into amazing artists.

On a side note, why was Stone Gossard such a curmudgeon and has anyone else noticed that he sorta looks like Paul Feig (superhero of Freaks and Geeks awesomeness)?  Excuse my brain, I apparently have severe ADHD.

I especially loved the interviews with Chris Cornell. He was engaging and real. He provided a really interesting perspective on the band and the time period. I would love to hang out with him and just hear his stories. Chris Cornell if you're listening, we should totally hang at Starbucks sometime and just shoot the shit. 

And finally, the soundtrack is a great compilation of performances used in the film. I have really enjoyed the listen and in my own special tribute, I've selected my ten favorite Pearl Jam songs... for today. The list might change by tomorrow, so I need to hurry up and post this.

10. Just Breathe (A triple swooner)
9. Harvest Moon/Last Kiss (Both amazing covers, and I couldn't pick just one.)
8. Porch (At 13 and and now at 31, I really love singing the f-bomb)
7. Nothingman (And he who forgets, will be destined to remember...)
6. Oceans (Just generally amazing)
5. Go (Just try to listen and not totally rock out to this song... I wanted to put Animal too since I always listen to them together)
4. I Am Mine (I only own my mind... I try to remind myself of this daily.)
3. Man of the Hour (Eddie Vedder song for a Tim Burton movie, need I say more?)
2. Rearviewmirror (Best song to growl along to ever.)
1. Black (Pretty certain that this is all my all time favorite song ever. I've listened to it more times than is sane. I can never skip it when it shuffles in on my iPod. I love singing it on Rock Band. It's perfect for car singing. It might just be my musical kismet.)

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