Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Washed in Black..." (and then some color)

When I paint, I pick out some cool vinyl and then get lost in the mess of emotions and colors for hours. My favorites have always been Rolling Stone’s Flowers or anything by Simon & Garfunkel.

The other night I listened to the remastered version of Pearl Jam's Ten on vinyl. I’ve always loved the album because it is so angry and full of energy, but I hadn’t ever realized how much darkness is in there. I was particularly taken with the lyric “washed in black, tattooed everything” (well I’ve always loved that lyric really), so I started playing around with the idea of what things would look like washed in black. Plus, I like any excuse to make a mess with paint.

Here’s a black and white version:

And then, I tried one in color:

Normally, I prefer black and white, but on this go, I’m voting for the color version. These were fun to paint, so I might just play around a bit more with some different color combinations.

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