Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scavenging in NYC

I’m going to New York City again soon. Both times I’ve been, I had a lot of fun taking photos of all of the sights, but this time I wanted to do something different. Between looking at things to do in the city and an episode of Project Runway, I got the idea to set out on a bit of photography scavenger hunt this time around.

I started to create the list myself, but I obviously knew all of the places that I would go and realized that I was being far too easy on myself. To shake things up a bit, I sent a sample list to some of my family and friends and asked them to add items. You have got to love my friends. What has resulted is the following list:
  1. Where I am staying
  2. Something that tells me where I'm going
  3. A street sign with a meaning
  4. Something that inspires me
  5. Something mentioned in literature
  6. Someone doing their job
  7. Something inviting
  8. Something better in black & white
  9. Something that makes me smile
  10. Something abstract & unidentifiable
  11. Something ugly made beautiful
  12. Something purple
  13. Something very old
  14. Something very new & shiny
  15. Something tasty/yummy
  16. A recognizable place from a movie
  17. Biggest fountain
  18. Most unusual statue/sculpture
  19. Best store window display
  20. Most obvious tourist
  21. Most peaceful place
  22. Best advertisement
  23. Something that represents dignity
  24. Something that inspires hope
  25. Something that inspires fear
  26. Something that represents greed
  27. Something with a contradiction
  28. A ritual
  29. Something that highlights different cultures
  30. The most obvious fake cripple begging for money
  31. Best dressed on the subway
  32. Worst dressed on the subway
  33. The most disgusting thing you find laying on the ground
  34. Something that reminds you of Louis. :)
  35. Something that reminds you of Lois. :)
  36. The person with the most butt-crack showing in public. (Can't be you. That's cheating.)
  37. Police horse poop from central park and a matching picture of what (or who) it looks like for comparison.
  38. A phallic symbol
  39. Typical NYC
  40. Atypical NYC
  41. An interesting view of the Brooklyn Bridge
  42. 2-story fast food restaurant
  43. Something shady...as in a shady character
  44. An NYC manhole cover
  45. Something gothic - architecture counts
  46. Something heavenly
  47. Interesting graffiti
  48. A record shop...actually selling vinyl records
  49. A famous person
  50. Something unexpected
  51. Punk rock!
  52. "The World's Best Coffee!" (think Elf)
My goal is to find something for every item on this list and in return see some things in New York that I may have overlooked. Wish me luck and creativity.

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